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Chanda Shikshan Prakashak Mandal a Pioneer Education Society has been running education for the last 54 years in the district of Chandrapur, Nagpur and Yavatmal. Shooting out its branches in 16 high schools, 6 juniors colleges, one college of fine arts, a teacher training school, and 5 M.C.V.C junior colleges. Including one agriculture, one dairy Management veterinary Science college. The society was founded in 1953 by a great visionary and Philanthropist late Shri Shrihari Jiwatode Guruji (Ex-MLA) to lead the educationally and economically backwards areas to the light of knowledge and empowerment.

Smita S. Jiwatode

Smita S. Jiwatode


We are committed to fulfill the vision of Late Shri Sanjay Jiwatode… the great visionary – An informed decision maker. To equip student with all those qualities that would prepare them for their journey through a life replete with challenges. We believe that education is not confined only to the acquisition of information but that it is also a moral undertaking. read more

Ms. Bhavna V. Sonkamble

Ms. Bhavna V. Sonkamble


Children are gifts of God born unique. They have a future of their own. It is up-to us to mold them. Let us be considerate and kind towards them. Don’t think for them but help them to think for themselves.Set an example before them. Let them learn from us the lessons of love, good behavior and how to live in this society. As our school motto says read more