About us

With its long and varied experience in the field of education, Chanda Shikshan Prasarak Mandal has opened this English Medium School with CBSE Pattern in a lush green Surrounding in Ram Nagar, Datala Road. It is a very ambitious project aimed at providing quality education to children in a conducive and caring environment.

Our Vision
To Develop a Global Citizen

Our Mission
To be a co-creator with God to mould every child into a down to earth human being, to make this World a worth living place through value based education.


Aims & Objectives

Ø  To impart education in a caring environment, with a clear focus on delightful and applied learning.

Ø  To enable the child to blossom fully by bringing out his/her hidden talents and capabilities.

Ø  To develop the emotional intelligence of the children along with intellectual growth..

Ø  To convince each student that he or she is a born winner. If this is done, the child’s journey on the path of quality and excellence will be comparatively easy and smooth.

Ø  To inculcate the right value in the children and allow them to grow into socially responsible and committed citizen of our beloved nation and the world.

Ø  To prepare the children for life-long learning and train them as per the changing needs of 21st century’s knowledge-based economy and demands of information technology.

Ø  To develop the inherent creativity of the child through intelligently and imaginatively devised programmes.

Ø  To ensure the all-round personality development of children through a right mix of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Ø  To provide effective coaching according to the CBSE syllabus after having internalized its educational vision and goals.

Ø  To be able to converse in regional, national and international language.