We are committed to fulfill the vision of
Late Shri Sanjay Jiwatode… the great visionar

An informed decision maker.To equip student with all those qualities that would prepare them for their journey through a life replete with challenges. We believe that education is not confined only to the acquisition of information but that it is also a moral undertaking.

Hence, we want our children to be:
· A caring and compassionate individual.
· A life –long learner.
· A human being strengthened by the values of honesty and integrity.
· An independent knowledge seeker.
We believe in providing quality education at an International standard. It is our belief that all student can be taught to think more imaginatively, flexibly and analytically.


Dear Parents,
Greetings of Peace and Fraternity!
While we are preparing to step into the decennial year of the school, I am nostalgic and over whelmed to see that the tiny seed of Chanda Public School which was sown by the founder of the school Late Shri Sanjay S Jiwatode has taken a shape of huge tree. All the students are marching ahead keeping the balance between co-curricular activities and academics and are coming up with flying colours .
Dear friends life is all about balance. In today’s cut throat competition at one side we need to help our students to gain knowledge and at other side we should train them to present their knowledge to the world. This is not possible unless and until we give them a platform to have firsthand experience of actually participating and doing the things on their own. That’s the reason we have designed ‘Edu-Feast’ so that the students learn by doing.
We all dream for our children and see them at the greater heights of success in their lives, we dream of the sweet fruit of all our sacrifices and efforts we have poured in for our children. But remember to gain the sweet fruit of success we should help our children to have strong roots of knowledge and experience and lively shoots of self-motivation.
So let’s come together and support our children to set their goals and through everyday experiences learn a lesson, while trudging towards their destination. Let’s help them to keep balance between their lessons in books and lessons of life. Let’s teach them that participation is more important than winning and let’s motivate them to get up and continue their race if they fall. Let’s explain them that “it’s not important what happens to you but it’s more important what you do with what happens to you”. My dear friends let’s remember “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT BALANCE!”
Smita S. Jiwatode
Chanda Public School