Chanda Public School takes pride to groom the forthcoming citizens of India through its secondary section. We believe in not only producing doctors, engineers and scientist but our vision is to develop a global citizen. We strive to develop a good human being through value based teaching. To cater with the need of the secondary school students we have separate labs for chemistry, physics and biology, designed to allow children to participate in active science investigation which stimulates each child’s curiosity and helps the child to explore the day-to-day phenomenon in a scientific manner through hands on experience. The Labs thus support the activity-based approach and makes learning more significant and stimulating.
The school is oriented in utilizing and encouraging students in making use of the latest technological growth in computing and communications. The complete campus is computerized over a high speed LAN and an advanced telecommunication system. The Internet connection is over BSNL network, giving 24 hours connectivity. Also it’s a fantastic experience to be in the math lab as it takes the students to the wonderful world of math where it’s no more a brain teaser but a brain sharpener. The physical growth of every student and his over all development is taken care through all the literary, cultural and sports activities. Every student is encouraged to participate in his favorite sport and is encouraged to keep a healthy balance of work and play. They are also encouraged to experience the challenge and reward of sport, spirit of participation and pursuit of excellence through the diverse sports programme. Career guidance and Adolescence education programme is organized for these young minds so that they could balance their emotions and make a right choice at a right time.